We experience so much of our lives through physical things. Through seamless integration of hardware, software and service we constantly push the envelope of the possible, but never lose sight of the needs of people and your business.

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Fairphone | World’s first modular and ethical smartphone

A fairer phone with supply chain ethics and longevity in mind. Repairing is as simple as changing the batteries in a child's toy. It enables a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions and allows the user to become an advocate for the brand. Changing the way products are made.

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Ideal Standard | Luxury at home

This iconic total bathroom range combines beautiful aesthetics with exceptional functionality. Carefully predicting the impact of key social trends on the luxury market enabled us to position our work in a future context.

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Samsung Electronics | Sound and vision

Our work with Samsung imagines future worlds and products that inform strategy and product roadmaps for their business units. In this example we created valuable new imaging and video experiences. Recapturing the glamour of video capture, with sound and vision having equal importance in the experience.

Korea Telecom | Making a brand physical

Ensuring a consistent brand visual identity is delivered across Korea Telecom’s multiple business units. We created a unifying Product Identity manual and the first 12 physical products in the portfolio, to ensure consistency was delivered across their 50 plus product portfolio.