Democratising sustainable travel: up-cycling existing bicycles with innovative technology to be part of an electrified future.

The new design unlocked £3.8m investment from Green Angel Syndicate & Innovate UK.


Swytch believe that sustainable transportation should be accessible to everybody. Since 2017, they have made it their mission to disrupt the e-bike industry with small, simple-to-use and affordable e-bike conversion kits. These kits enable users to deliver electric power to their existing bike and even switch it from one to another!

We assisted them in revolutionising the market (once more!) with their 3rd generation product: the world’s first pocketable e-bike battery system. Our brief focused on wrapping the new technology into an appealing package, but we took Swytch much further.


To truly disrupt the e-bike industry, the system had to be compatible with almost any type of bicycle. To make the new system truly universal, we had to make sure it worked for everybody, not just every bike. Enhanced functionality and intuitive usability were at the heart of our new design. Through the elegant simplicity of the mounting bracket to the intuitive minimalism of the system UI, we elevated all aspects of the Swytch product experience.

We also challenged assumptions around usage such as typical journey time, which determined battery size. Why carry enough power to take you 30 miles, when 10 miles between recharges was sufficient and minimised the size of the power-pack?


E-bikes are currently held back by the barrier of high-cost and high-weight. Our solution addressed these fundamental issues to transform the market through innovation.




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Democratising sustainable travel. Up-cycling existing products with innovative technology to be part of an electrified future.


The new design recently helped Swytch close a £3.8m investment from Green Angel Syndicate, the UK’s largest network of specialist investors fighting climate change, as well as funding from Innovate UK.