Bringing the drama of flame-grilling centre stage.

11% in public opinion of Burger King

15% more efficient.

60% of guests now notice the flames.


Burger King have been flame-grilling their burgers since 1954. 1 in 3 people, however, didn’t believe that the burgers are flame-grilled. Clearly, if people were to believe in the flame, they needed to actually see it.


Posed with this challenge, the latest flame-grill was created to sit proudly at the front of each Burger King restaurant, raising awareness of this unique cooking technique, increasing the accuracy and quality of the cooking, whilst reducing the overall grill-time: producing a better burger.


The grill was completely redesigned, giving it a personality which celebrates what Burger King do. A laminate piece maintains the high-heat, whilst safely allowing visibility of the flames. The complex airflow was reconfigured for much greater efficiency and the construction of the whole appliance was redesigned, giving it the personality of a high-quality, professional BBQ. The newly re-designed piece of equipment enables customers to witness the flame-grilling first-hand. The design of the window means it doesn't steam up or get greasy: providing a clear view into this classic American barbecue-style of cooking. Now the grill is right at the heart of the guest experience.


Burger King

Bringing the drama of flame-grilling centre stage.


The new design is 15% more efficient.

60% of guests now notice the flames.

The overall opinion of Burger King food is up by +11%.

The newly designed grill physically demonstrates an undeniable truth: that Burger King really do flame-grill their burgers and have done so since 1954.