Scaling up the sharing economy with an innovative community-driven rental service.

11 new sites launched around London.

Coverage in major media channels, including the World Economic Forum.


Ladders, steam cleaners, hedge trimmers: very useful sometimes, but do we really need to own them? Library of Things is an innovative community-driven-thing rental service, based in London. They came to us with the ambition to build a fairer future through a sharing economy of handy tools and the need for a scalable, self-service kiosk for the growing number of sites around the country.


With the prototype sites in regular action, the LoT team proved a growing demand for rentable domestic products. However,  the complex unlocking procedure and cluttered shelving system proved intimidating to borrowers. These insights drove the design of a more seamless,  intuitive customer journey and locker system designed for local manufacture.


The project resulted in a simplified, intuitive borrowing journey which aims to turn a rental process into a positive interaction with your community. This is facilitated by a reconfigurable digital locker system, designed for local fabrication using open manufacturing principals.  


Library Of Things


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Scaling up the sharing economy.


11 new sites launched around London.

Featured in major media channels, including The World Economic Forum.