Good vibrations.

The world’s first connected sex toy: a story of sensory calibration.

Over £14m in sales revenues to date.

Winner: Design Week Awards, 2018.


Mystery Vibe approached us to help them realise their vision of creating the world’s first, truly adaptive and connected sex toy. Recognising a white space opportunity at the watershed between emergent technology and novel perspectives, attitudes and needs across the personal electronics industry, they required an integrated design partner to help them understand their customer, refine their vision and design their product and brand. This, in turn, would create a prototype and suite of rich storytelling assets to fuel a crowdfunding campaign, the likes of which the world had never seen.


Entirely unique in its product and brand proposition, the Crescendo device contains seven separate motors which can be individually controlled via mobile app in a form that can be fully articulated: enabling the potential for a personalised experience tailored exactly to a user’s needs. The brand identity, design language and CMF specification is reminiscent of contemporary luxury products from tangential beauty and wellness categories, creating an entirely differentiated product experience, positioned in stark contrast to the majority of alternative devices available on the market.


Inspired by sexual shifts uncovered during in-depth trend and visual culture analysis, our design strategy created a confident, non-binary product and CMF identity in keeping with modern sexual attitudes. The Crescendo project is exemplar of our holistic design process, touching each of the multi-disciplinarian skillsets of our different teams. Beginning with research to inform the product proposition and strategic direction of the product form, function, design language and brand, our design, UX | UI and engineering teams created multiple concepts which were brought to life for testing from our in-house prototyping facilities. Lastly, we created a suite of brand assets for use to propel their crowdfunding campaign, before ultimately working with manufacturing partners to bring the final product to life.


Mystery Vibe


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Good vibrations. The world’s first connected sex toy: a story of sensory calibration.


Our work enabled the Mystery Vibe team to reach rapid success with their various rounds of crowdfunding, helping them to raise in excess of £3m since the first campaign.

The Crescendo beat the Apple Watch in the 2018 Design Week awards and has since generated over £14m in sales revenues since it hit the market.