Cadbury: Marvellous Creations

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Mould-breaking category innovation, without disrupting the production line.

Smashed sales of £20m in just 12 weeks upon launch in the UK.


Cadbury were looking for an innovative new product to shake up what had become a serious and rather square tablet category. The sticky bit of the challenge? The new product must run on their existing lines in a factory that was over 120 years old.


For a brand which oozes joy, we knew we needed to add a twist of playfulness to the bar. Sharing is more fun when it gathers around surprise and serendipity. By observing and studying how people share, we introduced a category-shattering consumption ritual to help Cadbury shake up tablets.


With tight production constraints, our solution was to raise the bar through ritual and experience, replacing regimented cubes with a random pattern which clusters around a smashable epicentre. When you flip it and hit it, the chocolate shatters into chunks of different shapes, sizes and textures. Combined with new recipes which  jumble up unusual ingredients like popping candy and jelly, shortcake and marshmallow, this new tablet delivers delight in every bite… for everyone!




Production & Manufacture Forensics
Design Ethnography
Innovation Workshops
New Product Development

Mould-breaking category innovation, without disrupting the production line. 


On launch in the UK, Marvellous Creations smashed sales of £20m in just 12 weeks.