Foresight & Strategy

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Together, we get innovation right.

Engineered for efficacy, our Foresight team supports the delivery of high-precision creativity.

With in-house expertise spanning user insight, trend forecasting, brand strategy, sustainable innovation, and colour, material and finish strategy, we create the conditions for design and innovation to thrive.

“The best innovation approach I’ve seen in 30 years at PepsiCo”.


“Sales have gone f****** mental”.

Silent Pool Distilleries

“Seymourpowell, are the smartest”.

Panasonic China

A fresher, wilder, more inclusive view of the world.

Powerful insights which inspire world-class design and motivate organisational change. Foresight framed through vivid new perspectives that take you somewhere different.

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Strategy in high-definition.

Your ‘beyond the post-it-note’ partners for well-defined, tangible routes to success.

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Moving your brand forwards.

Strong brands are meaningful and distinctive. We custom-build design and innovation strategies to amplify your brand’s particular form of magic.

Multi-sensory strategies.

Embedding a clear multi-sensory understanding of your brand into the innovation process. We get every touch, sound, taste, smell and visual working together to create wonderfully inclusive brand experiences.

“You've given
me goosebumps”.


“I’ve got shivers up my spine.”

Renault Trucks

“There are no words to describe the feeling.”

Richard Branson

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On the pulse of the now and next.

We have the tools to empower you to take a bolder path. As Europe’s first dedicated Foresight team, we led the way with design strategy methodologies. 30 years on and we haven’t stopped learning.  Our ever-evolving proprietary toolkit helps us activate organisational change, gather breakthrough cultural insights, and materialise tomorrow.


Trend Forecasting & Future Forces Tracking

Future Lifestyles & Persona Creation

Scenario Planning

Market Analysis & Competitor Benchmarking

Design Ethnography & Consumer Insight

Brand DNA

Design DNA

Semiotic Analysis

White Space Innovation Strategy

Innovation Workshops & Creative Sprints

Colour, Material & Finishes Strategy

Brand Positioning & Design Strategy

Portfolio Architecture

Visual Language Strategy

Design Guidelines

We help brands and businesses navigate what's next, to plan and proceed with confidence.