John Lewis: Simply Better Pans

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Making everyday objects ‘simply better’.

A range offering impactful, smart solutions for pots, pans, food preparation, furniture and lighting.


John Lewis tasked us with designing a range of ‘simply better’, own-brand products which address user pain points to make them simply easier, safer or smarter to use.


We have pioneered the application of ethnographic research methodologies to our product development process since the early 1990’s. To uncover usability issues with a product or experience, we don’t ask people what they think. Instead, we quietly observe what they actually do to tease out pain points and identify hidden user needs. In this instance, we visited homes and observed people in preparing and cooking their meals.  In one kitchen, a lid was balanced on the top of a saucepan to form an impromptu colander to drain some  boiled potatoes. At best, it was precarious: it had the potential to be highly dangerous.


The wave pan collection has a deep lip for superior pouring. A perforated lid rim allows for variable ventilation whilst the lid is left safely in place. The perforated lid also doubles up as a drainage feature, allowing the water to be poured off safely, with the lid firmly locked in place. Little changes to a centuries old design made a big impact to usability and safety.


John Lewis


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Making everyday objects ‘simply better’.


The range offers impactful, smart solutions for pots, pans, food preparation, furniture and lighting which genuinely make things ‘simply better’ for everyone.