Sustainability made scalable: improving the life expectancy of a product through modular design.

Winner: White Pencil, D&AD Awards, 2016.

Winner: Graphite Pencil, D&AD Awards, 2016.

Winner: Cannes Lion Gold Award, 2016.

iFixit: 10/10 score.


Fairphone’s ambition is to make electronics more ethical, fairer for the environment and for the people who make and use their products. We helped them embed more of their mission into their 2nd phone design to deliver a next-generation device with a longer lasting legacy.


Electronics have become impenetrable boxes, replaced too easily when a feature breaks or outdates, wasting precious resources and creating tonnes of toxic waste. A design approach which connects people more closely to the components, using a design language which subtly disrupts the category archetypes, would not only allow us to extend the device life cycle but enable the product to act as a physical storyteller for Fairphone’s mission.


Making a responsible choice shouldn’t come with compromise. To have impact, we knew we had to compete with the feature specs of the leading tech behemoths, whilst delivering a lower social and environmental impact. Our solution was to design and launch the world’s first modular smartphone. We designed differences inside and out. Details on the body signpost easy opening, whilst printed details which tell the brand story and instructional icons are layered beneath the translucent casing. You don’t truly own your phone unless you can repair and reconfigure it your way. Our design invites you to open and own your phone again.




Design Strategy

Iterative Design Process

Collaborative Workshops

Iterative Model-making


Technical Package Design

Sustainability made scalable: improving life expectancy of a product through modular design.


The phone received a 10/10 score for smartphone repairability from iFixit, the highest score that has ever been given to a phone.

In recognition, it won both a D&AD White Pencil in 2016 and a Cannes Lion Gold in 2016, supporting Fairphone’s profile and spreading the message for change even further than the product.