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Flytoget exist to deliver frictionless journeys that empower travellers by freeing them from the shackles of uncertainty and unease, allowing them to experience the delight of serenity. A brand purpose known as Efficient Tranquillity.

Efficient captures the always prepared, always on time heritage and summarises their proactively pragmatic approach to delivering excellence. Whilst Tranquillity evokes the relaxed state that is conjured by their extraordinary brand experience.


The station environments were designed to be overt, pulling people towards the brand. The ticket machines and station fixtures work as both spatial markers and way-finding aids.


Our vision was for a purposeful duality between the exterior and interior. Stepping inside, the interior uses domestic colours and materials to create a comfortable bubble of calm. Relaxing neutrals and light washes create an ambience of ease and tranquillity. Dialling down the iconic orange was a conscious decision in order to separate the world of signals and way-finding from the train journey itself. Instead the orange was expressed through the use of copper details. 


Viewed from outside, its commanding iconic form stands proud on the platform, signalling a robust and reliable ride that confirms to travellers they have made the right choice. 


We defined digital guidelines that embody the strategic direction "Efficient Tranquillity" by creating interactions that are blissfully frictionless.

Sometimes users want fast and rational interactions with the Flytoget brand, at other times they want participatory and emotionally engaging experiences.


The new logo was rolled out across all touch points of the brand in 2018. The new identity presents Flytoget as a company with a foot in both the rail and air travel markets. A flexible identity system that lives equally well in its printed, digital and physical forms. Orange in particular is a key signifier for the brand and provides great stand-out – not least in the busy
environments in which they operate. 


The extraordinary staff needed extraordinary clothing.

We worked with Flytoget to create uniforms that are a cut above the rest, distinguishing the brand amongst the crowd. They convey a calm authority that reassures passengers they are in safe hands and empowers staff to perform at the top of their game.  An orange wink was added to clothing ensuring they reflect the warmth inherent in the brand’s colour. Flytoget are a distinctive brand, every little detail showcases their values. 


Bold and precise, the new icons communicate information with charming clarity in all situations.

Graphical wit empowers instructional information to be captivating, ensuring our key messages do not go unnoticed.

The iconography produced supports Flytoget's distinct communication style, creating stand-out silhouettes with Nordic sensibility. 


Efficient tranquillity was implemented within interior through a range of expressions.

Materials and fabrics were used in their natural state, evoking integrity and realness. 

To conjure calm; relaxing neutrals and light washes created an ambience of ease and tranquillity.

Orange was translated into copper accents, expressing the brand without being overt. 

Considered contrasts brought both visual and functional benefits to the interior through the use of block colours, material contrasts and bright accents. 


Viewed from outside, its commanding iconic form stands proud on the platform, signalling a robust and reliable ride that confirms to travellers they have made the right choice. Adopting a muscular appearance empowers the new Flytoget train to reflect its physical endurance and energy. 

Here is one of the early visualisations and a comparative photo to the final production outcome. We're over the moon with the outcome and humbled to have played a part in the future of the Norwegian rail network.