The world's first fully augmented reality city.

"Seymourpowell is an excellent example of an agile organisation at the very cutting-edge of innovation and design in Scotland."
Alan Lees, Scotland Director, BT

Stirling’s city centre was rarely considered a tourist destination, with its main tourist attractions - the National Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle - located outside of the city centre. The challenge for this project was to change that perception, by incentivising visitors to venture from these landmarks into the city centre.


We partnered with Stirling Council and BT in order to meet the ambitions of a tech project which could transform the way people experience the city and position Stirling as a world class digital destination. The opportunity was to create an app which increases dwell time, highlights photogenic areas and encourages social sharing to redirect movement through the city and attract new audiences, ultimately boosting tourism spend.


The Stirling XP AR smartphone app is a project which sees Stirling become the first city in the world to create an augmented city environment. Through investing in BT fibre and 5G networks in 2021, Stirling boasts a cutting-edge connectivity infrastructure to match that of New York, London and Shanghai, amongst other major world cities. And Stirling will become the first city worldwide to deploy geospatial technology in a ‘city-wide’ project, creating a product not yet seen on this scale.

The launched application features augmented technology, allowing users to see a whole new layer of information through a smartphone screen. Virtual signage responds to users’ needs, the city is transformed into an interactive game to explore and history is brought to life through three key functions which define the experience.



Stirling Council


iOS App design and development

Android App design and development

User Experience Design

UI Design

Built Heritage

Historical and Cultural Story telling

Persistent Augmented Reality

Google Geospatial Development

The world's first fully augmented reality city.

“BT in Scotland are proud to partner with Seymourpowell. BT always aims to partner and work with local, agile organisations to deliver the best possible outcomes for customers and communities in Scotland. Seymourpowell is an excellent example of this: an agile organisation at the very cutting-edge of innovation and design in Scotland. Our successful partnership with Seymourpowell and Stirling Council has enabled the rollout of Stirling XP, demonstrating new possibilities through leading connectivity and innovation, which is helping drive inward investment and new digital skills to the Stirling region.”

Alan Lees, Scotland Director, BT

"Seymourpowell are leaders in design and innovation in Scotland. Their approach, energy and capabilities have enabled really innovative and inspiring marketing content as part of the rollout of Stirling XP.”

Greg Swinton, Marketing Manager, BT.


By introducing this new technology to Stirling, the opportunities for access to visitor attractions and experiences will be greatly improved, encouraging inclusive economic growth and promoting prosperity.

The 3D modelling of the city centre, Stirling Bridge and the Abbey Craig, combined with all these functions has enabled us to create the world’s first augmented city.

This is the only instance where one application allows you to explore a city in this way, using this technology, transporting people back in time for an experience like no other.