A portal to the future: beauty in the era of Smart Aging.


We worked with Japanese skincare brand Orbis to bring their SMART AGEING® vision to life: a society built on a more diverse and expansive perception of beauty.

Our speculative concepts have been designed to explore three different perspectives on this future, brought to life through a web portal transporting visitors to the future.


By tracing the signals of change today, we can imagine what the world will be like tomorrow. In effect, it allows us to pull the future closer towards the present.

Understanding the drivers, shifts and beauty trends, from the perspective of the human experience, enables us to focus on what people value and need in the now and next.

Exploring future scenarios through the eyes of three protagonists allowed us to build out their beauty stories and design concept experiences around them.


We designed three concept experiences, each built around a diverse set of global personas which speculate on a design future exploring a different facet of beauty and skincare. Three stories are told through a website which unfolds each experience by transporting visitors through a portal to a smart ageing society.




Future Forecasting
Trend Analysis & Expert Interviews
Future Persona Creation
Future Scenario Planning
Creative Workshops
Design Storytelling Concept Storyboarding
Concept Development & Visualisation
Web Design & Build

A portal to the future: beauty in the era of Smart Aging.