The challenge many retailers face, is how to deliver highly interactive and tech-rich online shopping experiences in the physical environment.


Our solution

To meet this challenge, seymourpowell developed the Smarter Mirror – an intuitive and interactive experience that ascertains the products that customers like, and tests out new product concepts before they’ve even hit the store!

Smart Mirror technology enables retailers to capture customer insights and data in real-time, helping inform the buying and stocking of future products. Simply put, Smart Mirror delivers an exceptional customer experience with hardnosed commerciality.


 "a new way of introducing the products to customers"

Lyndsey Dennis, Retail Focus


"the Smart Mirror becomes a dynamic part of the store design"



"The experience encourages interaction by customers, rather than having them aimlessly wander around the store"

Zak Palm, PSFK


"it’s helped us develop and tailor future collections"

Nick Tatum, Global Retail Director, Superdry


 The tech

Our smart screens utilise the latest technology to engage customers and increase revenue. Our monitors are ideal for a wide range of sectors.


3D scanning

Using advanced photogammatry techniques we produce photo realistic interactive 3d models from real-life objects.


Gesture control

Control multimedia applications by simple movement gestures, like raising an arm or waving at the monitor.


Giant 82" HD display

The Large 82" HD vivid display attracts attention and draws in customers. Our system includes 24/7 reliability and continuous operation.


Realtime analytics

With internet connectivity and remote access. Learn more about your customers and create bespoke tailored experiences.


Body tracking

Infrared sensor technology tracks the body movement of customers allowing engaging augmented reality experiences.


32 point multi touch

Integrated chip with the best Multi Touch panel technology allows you to control a wide range of applications.


 Live data

Data & innovation driving future customer experiences

The concept allows us to capture real-time data which is then visualised through a unique app, giving the marketing team and designers core behavioural insight when developing future fashion lines or campaigns.


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