june 2023

Swatch #09 yves klein blue

The Swatch #9 plots the rising of Yves Klein Blue and explores why this colour captures the spirit of the moment.

This hue has shone in recent weeks: at Milan Design Week, the Met Gala and in ‘Blue Now’, a theatrical ode to Derek Jarman's final film, Blue (1993). But, why now?

This ardently intense colour was registered by artist Yves Klein as a trademark in 1957, under the name International Klein Blue (IKB). As Dr James Fox describes, this colour evokes unlimited possibilities, as well as reflecting the essence of natural elements like water and sky, signalling a reverence for the natural world.

During 2020 and 2021, we saw blues soften to reassuring shades, such as Pantone’s ‘Classic Blue’. This year, however, unrest, rebellion, and a need to speak our truths has triggered a shift to this vocal, extroverted blue – a colour of action.

Swipe once to see flocked IKB featured in STILL NOW by @feliciaferrone . Swipe twice to see @official__stormzy in @burberry at the Met Gala, Stained Glass Table Light and Mutation Club Chair by @maartendeceulaer and ‘Blue Now’, directed by Neil Bartlett.