aPRIL 2023

Swatch #07 cruz-foam

Snow has fallen and a new Swatch has landed spotlights a tool developed by our CMF team: the Sustainable CMF Index. The Index is a practical framework, applied across the design process, to provide inspiration and guidance when selecting sustainable methods of fabrication.

The animation showcases the digital twin of one of the featured technologies in the Index: Cruz Foam. Cruz Foam is a biofoam made from Chitin, a by-product from the food industry, made from the shells of crustaceans. 🦐 The fibrous substance is mixed with a blowing agent (produced from bio-derived waste) which then creates the foam structure.

The material has similar properties to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Expanded Polyurethane (PU) but is home compostable in just three months, making it a great alternative to the harmful (and nearly immortal!) single-use Styrofoam.