october 2022

Swatch #01 digital twins

Welcome to ‘The Swatch’, a regular edition where we spotlight a significant colour, material or finish.

First up: Digital Twin - a digitalised material that emulates a real-world material.

Digital twins are not new to SP (our Creative Technologists and CMF Strategists are Metaverse regulars, you might say) yet the material has taken on fresh meaning for us of late.

Ground-breaking artists such as Andres Reisinger and Audrey Large are evolving the narrative between digital and physical materials and we’re excited to follow their lead.

A thrilling shift in influence is emerging where digitally-birthed materials are beginning to be translated into extraordinary physical twins; suggesting a ‘chicken or egg?’ future where we must become adept at translating materials from one reality to another.

It’s got us questioning: what can we process and copy from digital realms to shape tomorrow’s reality?

First up is a WIP example of our work with digital twins.Swipe once for a quote by @reisingerandres - the doyen of digital materials.Swipe twice to see @audreylrg mind-blowing ‘Scale to Infinity, Fragment 10’.