A mission of rejuvenation to breathe new life into a heritage icon.

“Seymourpowell have been an incredible partner, fuelling our creativity and challenging design limits. They turned our vision into transformative reality".

– Tim Zurfluh, Brand Business Lead – Nestlé.


Cailler – Switzerland’s oldest chocolate brand still in existence – has remained true to its values and expertise since its creation back in 1819. Whilst already having an established following with an existing Swiss generation who grew up with Cailler, the chocolate makers were looking to ignite the same relationship and fondness with younger audiences.


Our job was to sensitively elevate the range for both Christmas and All Year Round to be more relevant, premium and appetising, whilst preserving the essence of the heritage icon. We were tasked with creating a design solution which would entice consumers to view the brand as the first choice for any gifting occasion.




The creative process started through forming an understanding of the role of the parent brand and how to visually elevate its quality credentials, as well as unify the portfolio under the trusted umbrella of the Cailler mark. The design team unearthed the personal signature of the founder, François-Louis Cailler, from the archives and added this to the front of pack, building upon the strong heritage of the brand and personalising the story.


Following extensive research, we then defined the roles of Cailler Praline’s individual sub-brands – Ambassador, Femina, Frigor and Sublim. By assessing the different consumer demands and understanding each gifting occasion, we strategically outlined a framework for the product lines, proposing unique personalities to each sub-range, giving them year-wide appeal.  




With a particular focus on premiumisation, the rebrand aims to rejuvenate the product range and connect with newer audiences through distinctive and personalised packaging.


Seymourpowell’s styling and arrangement of the pralines were purposefully curated to bring to life these newly established characteristics, while subtle graphic decoration in and around the chocolates helps to further embed the personalities. High-end aesthetics, such as gold foiling with pin-pointed embossing and varnishing, elevate the positioning of the product, adding lustre and emulating the craftsmanship that goes into every praline.


New packaging designs were introduced to elicit a more sensorial outtake and capture the occasion of ‘gifting’. Enhanced realism and natural lighting ‘lift’ the pralines off the pack, demonstrating the desirability and deliciousness of their quality. The exciting formats encourage sharing and open-up the brand to a broader variety of purchase opportunities.