Grab life by the grains!

Successful launch of a new range to create a world of taste.


Launched in the early 2000's, PepsiCo's Snack a Jacks created a healthy snacking sector. Tasty products with a low- calorie promise made for an appealing and popular product. As time passed, however, new healthy snacks entered the market and the branding and packaging began to look brash, artificial and out of date.


Appealing to a busy, urban and predominantly female consumer, it was clear that this new audience wanted a more contemporary take on healthy snacking. The need for a range of snacks which reflected their active and busy lifestyles (and didn’t feel like an obvious diet product!) was apparent.  


To appeal to the appetite of the modern healthy snacker, we used a more natural palette to create a fresh and appealing range which more effectively highlights Snack A Jack’s brand equity of flavourful lightness with a low-calorie promise. Featuring a central bold holding device with integrated calorie communication, we detailed the world of our busy consumer around the outside, highlighting key ingredients to support the taste communication. We included mouthwatering and characterful product names to enhance the flavour communication.


Snack a Jacks


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Grab life by the grains!


Successful launch of the new range to create a world of taste for the Snack a Jacks range.