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The digital chemistry of Joseph Töreki


Having a strong grasp of physical materials and processes is a great advantage in designing digital objects. Joseph Töreki's work showcases the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and digital art, demonstrating how this understanding can lead to designs that blend physical and digital worlds together.

Lars Dittrich

The act of translating materials from one reality to another has become a new form of craft. At Seymourpowell, we believe that a comprehensive understanding of materials and process is paramount to the successful work of emerging digital 3D designers. Whether developing a train interior or the surface of a wellness tech product, our iterative process of designing and rendering in 3D relies heavily on our knowledge of physical manufacturing techniques.

[Left Image]: photo of hand thrown clay vas [Right Image]: photo-scanned clay vase with digital wood ash glaz

Multidisciplinary artist, Joseph Töreki, beautifully captures this fine line between the virtual and the physical, exploring a traditional craft – ceramics – and his fascination with digital art, to make both practices inseparable and imperishable. His series, Neo ceramics, translates the sensual aspect and unpredictability of ceramics into the virtual space: making things look unnaturally natural.

[Left Image]: Photo-scanned clay vase with digital celadon glaze [Right Image]: Detail digital celadon glaze


I especially love the experimental process which goes into creating his digital glaze collection. After firing unglazed, hand-thrown clay vases, Töreki photo-scans the objects before applying a digital glaze. Building on a deep understanding of heirloom glaze recopies, techniques and materials, Töreki, acting as a digital chemist, gives integrity to his digital ceramics. Together, with established digital artists, such as Audrey Large and Andreas Reisinger, Töreki is at the forefront of shaping this new, rapidly expanding, materiality era.

Lars Dittrich is a CMF Strategist at Seymourpowell.