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Sustainable practices for paper and plastic


Here's something we put together for a creative workshop back in 2019.


The brief was to define a more sustainable packaging solution for a well-known snack brand. Projects like these tend to be far more complex than you might first guess. Balancing the technical, financial, human, brand and ecological factors of packaging systems can feel rather heavy on the creative mind!

We find that in a workshop environment, it's useful to make things a little easier for the team at work. That's why we put together guides like these. They make complex problems feel solvable, turning the heavy legislation documents into clear guidance which is easier to grasp. The guidance might not be 100% foolproof in all scenarios, but in the heat of a design crucible session, they can help us to wrangle complexity and discover some compelling ideas.

Eddie Hamilton is an Industrial Designer and Sustainability Lead at Seymourpowell