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Harnessing the potential of Artifical Intelligence


A rundown on the latest in AI tools and how they can benefit the creative process.


With many industries now integrating AI tools, it may seem as though everyone is trying out ChatGPT as a new form of web search. Whilst this is happening in some cases, it is the optimisation of tasks and the speed in which AI tools (like ChatGPT) can generate content which positions them as a powerful assistant – rather than a new tech gimmick. Currently, AI can’t always solve 100% of a problem or deliver a project from start to finish, but it can inspire creatives by removing some tedious tasks within a role. Why spend time composing reams of code when most of it could be generated in an instant and fine-tuned to fit the requirements of the software?

At Seymourpowell, we’ve been utilising AI in several stages of our creative process. Principally, in assisting with ideation and inspiration for project kick offs: devising mood boards with the help of DALL-E or Midjourney, for instance.

More recently, however, Adobe’s newly unveiled suite of AI tools (Adobe Firefly) are becoming more tailored to making life easier for everyday designers. Being able to recolour vectors or use the generative fill tool to add to images are both helpful additions to software we use every day.

Whilst it is still early days for Firefly, the potential is obvious, with many upcoming features designed to make creative work easier to carry out, allowing more time to be spent on ensuring the best possible output is created. Adobe Premiere Pro, for example, will soon have the ability to generate storyboards based on a transcription and colour grade from a text prompt. If successfully implemented, this has the potential to reduce days in the editing pipeline!

As these new features roll out, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the latest developments, implementing the most useful AI tools as they become available.

Jack Gullen is a Creative Technologist at Seymourpowell.



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