Experience the world differently. Digital layers add new depth to your environment.

Defining the future of location based experiences.

Harnessing cutting edge technology to augment reality with pin point accuracy.

Enabling new paradigms for tourism, revolutionising wayfinding, bringing the past back to life and overlaying the future.

Our fully customisable, modular platform can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

It’s scalable too, which means it can work for the smallest location or an entire city…

We’ve created the world’s first fully augmented reality city...

The Stirling XP app links the entire city into a unified destination, enhancing the visitor experience and encouraging tourism.

"Seymourpowell is an excellent example of an agile organisation at the very cutting-edge of innovation and design in Scotland."

Alan Lees, Scotland Director, BT
As featured on BBC Click in February 2023:

A Wealth of Features and Capabilities...

Digital Wayfinding

Directions made simple

We create intricate, stylised 3D models of a site. This provides a visually impactful and intuitive way for users to get their bearings and to explore their surroundings.Taking navigation to the next level, our augmented reality products provide hyper-localised directional data, superimposed on top of a smartphone camera feed. A large, visual wayfinding route path can showcase the route to follow, with clear bold time estimates and stop-off points to break up the journey.


Animating your surroundings

Our surroundings often hide or obscure so much history and information. Augmented digital layers offer the opportunity to bring this to life with digital 3D models and animation.

By placing your content accurately in any position, we can literally bring these elements to life. Previously static statues can animate in front of the user’s eyes on an historic walking trail, virtual characters can appear in your theme park or you could animate public safety information. There are endless possibilities.


Dialling up engagement

Our augmented reality experiences allow app users to interact with virtual objects and characters in the real world.

Create a Treasure Hunt and offer Digital Souvenirs to collect and unlock rewards with partner companies and businesses.

Enhance educational experiences by making learning more interactive and engaging.

Recreate the Past

Bringing history to life

Working from old drawings and plans we can recreate historical buildings and environments as high fidelity 3D models. Leveraging the power of geo-located augmented reality, these models can then be viewed exactly where they once would have stood.

We can also place historic photos in the exact location in which they were originally taken to create a ‘then and now’ comparison. Visitors can view the old images, digitally, in context with the present day surroundings.

Envisage the Future

Future designs overlaid on reality

We can visualise proposed urban developments or architectural projects and geo locate them precisely on site. This gives city planners, architects and  developers the power to literally see and evaluate the impact of these projects on the existing environment.

Potential buyers can view properties in a specific location, before they’ve been built, giving them a sense of the future surroundings and neighbourhood; an invaluable tool for developers looking to sell ‘off plan’.

Social Magnetism

Creating ‘selfie’ moments

Digital layers create new and enhanced chances for visitors to take ‘selfies’ and share their experiences.

We  create digital filters like our ‘Braveheart’ moment which lets visitors apply blue face paint at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Or perhaps you might want to create an entirely “digital destination” that visitors can find and be seen and photographed next to.  

Whatever your experience, it will create huge amounts of exposure and social media traffic.

Commercial Angles

Return on investment...

Our apps deliver incredible user experiences, but they also offer powerful commercial opportunities to generate revenue.

Partnerships with local businesses and retailers can be woven into trail and wayfinding experiences to drive footfall.

We’ve also defined completely new paradigms for advertising and marketing. Virtual billboards, promotions and ad campaigns could all feature within your app experience, opening an array of commercial opportunity for you to make return on your investment.

A world of potential...

The opportunities are almost boundless to add huge value with digitised location based experiences...

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