Design With An Open Hardware Platform

2nd June 2016
by Matthew Cockerill

Design With An Open Hardware Platform

Inspired by Google’s Project Ara we imagined a world where their open hardware platform and module market place was expanded out beyond smartphones.

It’s a world where product development is transformed from an expensive, bespoke and slow-to-market process to one where products can be developed more easily, allow everyone from established hardware developers to start-ups to be more experimental and adaptable, and get products to market with less investment of time and money.

It would allow end users to have the freedom to create exactly the products they want, customise them over time and potentially reduce the amount of duplicate consumer electronics they own, delivering more innovative, flexible, democratic and sustainable products.

To begin exploring this world, we have created concepts for the types of products that would be more easily realisable in this world.


To read more, visit our site showcasing these modular concepts