flex wins funding in Future Railway competition

31st October 2014

Seymourpowell's seat layout system, Flex, has been shortlisted in a competition to find innovative design solutions to improve future rolling stock for the UK rail network.

Seymourpowell are one of the ten entries, out of forty-eight, to be chosen. The competition is run by Future Railway, along with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Seymourpowell will receive £75,000 to develop the design, which will then be judged again in 2015. At this point, the ten entrants will be whittled down to five, one of which will receive up to £750,000 in funding.

Jeremy White, Head of Transport Design at Seymourpowell, said "We are excited to get the chance to develop our idea in to a real solution that could break the paradigm of premium rail travel."

The Flex concept is a seating system designed to offer passengers choice and operators flexibility of service.

Seymourpowell has developed the design with particular focus on the business and premium travel segment of the high-speed and long distance rail market. Flex offers travellers the choice of sitting with others in a spirit of conviviality, or in the privacy of separate zones. The layout can be quickly and easily changed to suit the needs of passengers by using specially designed rotating seats. The system provides operators with a scalable value offer where simple upgrades can be provided, moving from a business model of selling seats to one that sells space. The system also offers a chance to break down the traditional class system and encourage off peak travel outside of the premium sector.

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