Designed and Made in Britain...?

8th October 2015
by Dick Powell

Seymourpowell has been working with the Design & Technology Association to create a film to promote awareness around the importance of D&T in schools. The subject itself is under ever increasing pressure - facing huge teacher shortages, reduced student numbers and, in some cases, the removal of the subject altogether.

So what will happen? 

Entries to further education in Design, Engineering, Architecture and related subjects are facing collapse – struggling with budgetary issues and Government legislation. This will only get worse. The result will be an acute skills shortage for UK PLC. Our government’s left hand is doing a great job in lionising our creative industries, while its right hand is sleepwalking into the destruction of the very education system that makes it all possible. We face jeopardising the creativity that, in so many industries, is required to make the world work and which, in practice, brings to life and makes real the academics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

What are we doing about it?

There is still time for Government to halt the decline without compromising its broader strategy and we must make every effort to highlight the importance of this to Government.

In the film, we draw a direct link between D&T in schools and successful business; that D&T in schools ignites the fire in students to pursue further education in design, engineering and technology; and that most of the people in the creative and engineering industries did indeed do D&T at GCSE or above - we have started doing some research, which currently shows that nearly 80% of engineers, designers, digital creatives, architects etc. studied D&T at GCSE and above.

How can you help?

Share with your network!

Write to your local MP - you can find a draft letter and details of your MP on the Design and Technology website here:

D&T Association Campaign Website

Write to your local MP template

If you work in Engineering, Architecture, Digital or Design please help us with the growing survey which is establishing a strong metric linking the study of D&T in schools to successful creative and innovative enterprise in the UK. If we can show that these industries utterly depend upon vibrant D&T within schools, then Government might understand the importance of preserving it!

Design or Decline!