D&AD Award wins for Seymourpowell and Fairphone 2

19th May 2016
by Seymourpowell

Seymourpowell is thrilled to announce details of three D&AD award wins at last night’s ceremony. Two awards are for the Fairphone 2 – the world's first ethical and modular smartphone. Seymourpowell was also honoured with a Silver Award for the Most Awarded Design Agency.

Seymourpowell was nominated in the categories of Product Design and Service Innovation for their work with Fairphone in creating the industrial design for a durable smartphone that lasts as long as possible by allowing consumers to easily repair it themselves.

Seymourpowell was honoured last night with a White Pencil in the Service Innovation category, awarded for work that demonstrates the power to affect real and positive change in the world through creative thinking. They also won a Graphite Pencil in the Product Design category awarded for stand out work, beautifully executed with an original inspiring idea at its core.

Matthew Cockerill, Associate Design Director at Seymourpowell says: “We created a phone that is efficient to manufacture, simple to use, and makes a real impact on material and energy consumption. The modular concept speaks first and foremost to consumers who desire a phone that creates a lower social and environmental footprint, while also acting as a storytelling device where owners become advocates for the brand's objectives of changing the way electronics are made and used.”

Olivier Hebert, Chief Technology Officer at Fairphone says: 50% of phone failures are from screen breakages, but with the Fairphone 2, the screen can be replaced in under a minute with no tools. Key components like the camera, headphone jack and Micro USB connector and other most commonly broken components are replaceable within a few minutes using a simple screwdriver.

The design aims to change the relationship between people and their phones to make them take pride in owning their phones for longer so they see the coolest phones as the oldest not the latest."  

The Fairphone 2 is available for purchase in Fairphone's online shop as well as through select retail partners such as The Phone Co-Op in the UK.