3D brand

Brands need to move at the speed of culture, and culture is changing faster than ever

As exciting as the digital revolution is, it is the physical expression of the brand that consumers really engage with. That’s what makes them want to take it from the shelf, hold it in their hand, create space for it in their homes and it's what needs to work beautifully when they use it. At the heart of the product experience is the brand, and this informs the product itself, the packaging, the POS and everything else you can see, touch, taste, or hear that combine to create the whole experience. 

At Seymourpowell we live and think in the real world. We understand consumers but we also understand the commercial realities for FMCG brands. We integrate our innovation and creative skills with our extensive technical experience to create desire, delight and satisfaction for consumers and feasible, profitable and sustainable new products for our clients.