strong global positioning

Our challenge was to create a consistent, internationally-relevant strategy, without losing the brand’s experimental, rough-and-ready appeal.   

Carlsberg first approached our food packaging team to help create a bottle design and brand identity for the launch of their new Seth and Riley’s drinks range.

Seth & Riley’s Garage was Carlsberg’s first step into the bittersweet ‘hard drinks’ category, now worth $1bn a year. A huge success in its Finnish trial market, the brand now needed a strong global position that would speak to audiences globally.

Seth & Riley’s portfolio of lemonades, ice teas and ginger beers had one thing in common: they’re base drinks you could make at home — or in the garage. So our foundation idea was around DIY modification, like hot rodding a car.

From this, we developed a back-story and manifesto, which informs everything the brand does – from new product lines and community initiatives to TV commercial scripts.

The on and off-pack identity system combines simple elements with a rugged, illustration-based style making the branding easy to recognise, while still retaining a home-grown feel.

Our work is now the starting point for Seth & Riley’s Garage around the globe.

Together with Seymourpowell, we have developed a great proposition for Seth & Riley’s Garage and we now have a strong platform from which to build on.

Olga Lee, Senior Innovation Manager, Carlsberg Breweries A/S