Nestlé Purina

creating the market leader

For over ten years, we’ve been the packaging guardian for Nestlé Purina’s Felix, during which time the brand has overtaken Whiskas as the No.1 cat food in Western Europe

Nestlé Purina asked us for a new design that would grow its market lead even further —something strong and decisive, with a solid rationale.

If we were to ring-fence that top spot, evolving gradually really wasn’t
an option. It was time to take a leap.

Our strategy revolved around Felix himself, and amplifying his mischievous personality, whilst at the same time, telling a story about superior taste. To do it, we developed a new illustration style to bring
Felix closer to his much-loved TV counterpart, and to create a much bolder look for the entire range. 

We also simplified range navigation, presenting the product in a more premium way to better celebrate the brand’s irresistible flavours. Felix is, of course, far too cheeky to sit nicely on the pack. Instead, his larger-than-life face peeps playfully around the side, creating a double facing character on the store shelf.

Since the pack’s launch in 2013, Felix’s market share has been growing faster than ever.

"The fastest growing FMCG grocery brand in the UK"