adaptable economy air travel

Let’s face it, economy airline seats are uncomfortable. That’s because they’re designed for the average person . . . and many of us are far from average!

We decided to fix this, with a new type of seating that adapts to suit individual passengers.

Fixed frames and foam pads would have to go, along with solid armrests. We also had to do something about the recline function. You know - that moment where the seat in front reclines, taking away the small personal space the airline has given you? We thought the back of the seat in front should feel like it belongs to you.


Morph has one piece of fabric across a three-seat unit, with movable dividers to change the width of each seat. Smart inner architecture controls seat height and depth, and passengers can use special formers to make ergonomic adjustments of their own. Extendable armrests prevent embarrassing elbow tussles and, because the back is fixed, you can recline within your own space, without disturbing the passenger behind you.

The result was Morph, the world’s first flexible economy seat.

It’s not just about comfort. Morph helps airlines use cabin space more efficiently, converting whole sections to economy plus or creating 



smaller seats for young families. With ticket prices as flexible as the seating, we’d see fewer empty seats, and better value for everyone.