a marvellous creation

Cadbury had the idea for a ‘carnival’ or ‘circus’ of flavours, using new and offbeat ingredients.

As part of this idea, they asked us to re-evaluate the traditional chocolate bar — tablet if we’re being technical — with its familiar rectangular chunks. These new and adventurous flavours screamed out for something a bit out there; more shareable, fun and exciting.

Not as a straightforward extension of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk range, but to sit slightly alongside it — a bit more dangerous, a bit more different, a bit more surprising.

ever watched people share a bar of chocolate? It’s fascinating.

Should our bar break into equal-sized chunks, so everyone gets the same? Or different sized bits, so some people get more than others?
Or should the bits look very different, but contain the same volume of chocolate? We looked at all these possibilities, and applied our sharing principle to the packaging too, so several people could pick from it at
the same time.

The new tablet abandons the expected, combining different forms and textures with curving, flowing lines.

It has a sense of spontaneity and fun. It’s surprising. And breaking it into pieces to share around is a different experience.

Marvellous Creations is ‘the same but different’ — the famous Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, but with surprising flavour combinations — and the bar supports that position. The range has gone on to become a huge success for Cadbury, helping grow sales worth £48.7m in the last year. (Source: The Grocer July 2014).