man food

Demystifying the hazy world of male snacking


Google ‘man food’ and you will find mouth-watering, delectable and explosively delicious burgers, pizzas, barbecues, you name it and not to mention the ginormous but potentially lethal portion sizes. But is ‘man food’ really as sinful as its stereotype?

From sweet treats to mini meals the nature of snacking is changing. Gone is the rigid routine of three set meals, men are grazing on the go to fuel their activities.

Intrigued by this evolving behaviour, Seymourpowell set out to explore the what, where, when and why surrounding the snacks everyday men gravitate towards. In order to uncover their needs, desires and workarounds we tracked the eating habits of 20 men, reflecting different ages, lifestyles and appetites, over the course of 7 days through an online platform and app.


A 'self-ethnography' research method allowed us to remotely peek into their worlds to observe and probe their snacking habits as they unfolded in real time. Through a food diary and several tasks we gained an insight not only into what they eat but where they buy it, what they look out for and how they prepare it. All with the view to spotting patterns and opportunities that would inspire new food format, packaging and brand ideas.

To bring our key insights to life and tempt your taste buds... we have created 6 recipes that embody and ooze the essence of the behaviours and attitudes we unpicked.

Atomised Eating

Knowledge is power. Men are using their nutritional knowhow to breakdown and rebuild snacking. In fact, rather than buying into snacks, men are buying into ingredients, which they then stack, spread and pair into more purposeful combinations to fuel for the task ahead (be it sleep, exercise or work). Take our Apple Ring Sandwich: a sweet crunch of energy with a velvety hit of protein. By going DIY, men are making their snacks work visibly harder, with doses of function delivered through fresh flavours and complementary textures. Take control. Build with purpose.

Primal Shake Down

Two forces have lined up against each other in the world of men’s snacking. In one corner, the desire to eat more naturally. In the other, a hunger for protein. So what are we to do faced with a snack aisle loaded with processed carbs? Some men are turning to protein shakes – reluctantly – but it’s harder to find easy sources of natural protein. If you’re in the ‘more protein, less powder’ camp, try sinking your incisors into our Meaty Trail Mix, loaded with protein from real meat, seeds and nuts, and put the grrr back into grazing.

Breakfast Breakdown

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but big breakfasts are being crushed by the morning rush. Who’s got time to fuel up in a single sitting? Instead, men are adopting a piecemeal approach to breakfast, eating smaller, more often and smarter. A strategic cocktail of tea, coffee, vitamins, protein shakes, fruit, porridge and more is being spread over a series of task-oriented, mini occasions. Grab one of our Breakfast Bars to pack some compact nutrition as you rush out the door.

Sweet Strategy

From obesity to diabetes, we’re wise to the dangers of sugar. But no one told our sweet tooth. Men are still reaching for sweet food, but the rush and crash of refined and added sugar are out. Naturally sweet whole foods are in, often revealing additional health benefits like the antioxidants in dark chocolate. So what does the new sweet look like? Our Cookie Dough Bites are more raw than refined. Stuffed with a bounty of tastes and textures, they’re a steadier, more natural way to energize.

Bite Sized Adventure

While a generation of foodie men fill up Facebook and Instagram with pictures of their food and beer adventures, their snacks have been lagging. They bemoan “predictable” options that “lack authenticity”. Where are the snacks with real foodie creds? Some have stepped up with their own concoctions of toasted pitta and exotic dips to diced soft fruit with cured salty meats. For an easier way to lift even the most standard snack, how about our small but mighty Rose Harissa hot sauce – a kick in the taste buds, right when you need it.


From 5-a-day to 7-a-day, the fruit & veg bar keeps rising. And now smoothies and processed fruit have been dragged into a sticky sugar debate. Where to turn? Many men are craving more veg. But chomping down a carrot isn’t normal behaviour like biting into a neatly, naturally packaged apple is. With all the prep work required, vegetables have tended to live in meals, but a few pioneering men are finding inventive ways to make veg convenient. A blitz of goodness our Greens & Coconut Dip, is one idea to respectably dip your way to 7-a-day.

Interested in trying out our snacks for real, download the recipe cards here