a universal brand identity

kt, Korea’s leading telecoms provider, had grown fast. The result was 56 hardware products, all from different business units and suppliers, with no clear brand identity joining them together.

We worked with kt to help to create a brand identity manual for their ‘olleh’ brand that would work across everything — from connector cables to laptops and satellite dishes to speakers. The challenge was to create guidelines that would hold their own, whatever the component constraints, ergonomic considerations or product category.


‘Olleh’ is about simple, unobtrusive and sympathetic technology. So, starting with their home networking suite, internet modem, home hub and set top box, we translated these values into a new design that was less impersonal and more appealing. Even the packaging had the user in mind - turn it inside out, and you have a nifty cord tidy.

We designed 14 new ‘olleh’ products ourselves — including phones, cables, modems and a tablet - to test our identity in the real world, while giving kt some items to take to market right away.  

Since the launch in 2013, our ‘olleh’ curve home networking devices and packaging have picked up a series of awards, including two Red Dots, two iFs and a Good Design Award.

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48% of consumers are more likely to choose kt because of the new identity — bringing in the equivalent of an extra $300 million for the company every year.

Korean Institute of Design Management