the magic behind the gates

Beer is getting bigger, with global sales increasing 36% year-on-year.

In this growing market, Diageo needs Guinness to stand out — to hold its own against brasher lager brands without losing its sense of mystery. So they asked us to rethink the whole experience of ordering and receiving a pint of Guinness at a bar. The brief was to create an inspired serving idea that would take the brand message ‘Made of More’ into pubs, bars and hotels around the world. 

When you ask for a pint of Guinness, you’re not just ordering a beverage; you’re taking part in a ritual. It’s a ritual that takes time, evoking a wider story about craftsmanship and alchemy. With this insight in mind, we developed an intriguing, mechanical concept, one that references the magical transformation of grain and water into Guinness at the historical St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin. We called it Magic behind the Gates. 

the magic that makes Guinness unique

As the barman starts the pour, the harp-embossed monolithic structure opens like a gateway, framing the serve, whilst drawing the customer into the Guinness universe. At the same time, a warm light spills out, casting a beam across the bar top, a beacon for would-be Guinness-drinkers. 

Following its UK and Ireland launch in late 2012, Magic behind the Gates is set to roll out from USA to Korea, with a full dispense suite and livery by Seymourpowell.