first spaces

First Class air travel is about the provision of a faultless experience. Our ‘First Spaces’ concept achieves this through accommodation inspired by a contemporary boutique hotel, the delivery of ‘prescient service’ enabled by new technologies, and a new expression of contemporary luxury.

When booking a hotel room, you’re often asked, “would you like the Regular or the King Size room?”. First Spaces emulates this hotel experience with a choice of a single room or a double room, both offering genuine private accommodation which is more luxury boutique hotel than cubicle. This model offers travellers a choice of accommodation and provides airlines with a flexible sales strategy.

First Spaces delivers Prescient Service, meaning the needs and desires of passengers are anticipated and met before they are even voiced. Underpinning this is a Smart Inflight Service System (SISS) which draws information from a suite of sensors referencing information about each passenger and their preferences to create a dynamic picture of potential passenger needs throughout the flight.

A new expression of luxury is achieved with the ‘S’ curves of the lobby, making for a dramatic space with horizontally slatted walls so light from above plays on their surfaces. At the rear is a glazed galley, transparent to reinforce the staff/passenger eye-contact and allowing customers to meet the makers, like in contemporary restaurants where the food preparation is part of the experience. The pared back colour palette of the rooms is calming and allows for choices of soft furnishings that enable airlines to curate the rooms based on each passenger’s preferences.

The First Spaces seat can be accurately pre-configured to suit its passenger, whatever their size and before they board the plane, or quickly and easily adjusted during the flight. Once configured, the seat’s kinematic movement automatically maintains critical dimensions irrespective of seat position. The combination of the innovative seat, boutique hotel-like accommodation and prescient service ensure maximum comfort for the first class traveller, creating a genuinely faultless experience.