Cubic Transportation Systems

next generation ticketing machines

Cubic are not a brand you might know, yet many of us interact with its products everyday on our daily commute, from buying train tickets, swiping your travel card and passing through the station barriers.

Seymourpowell was asked to design the next generation journey ticketing machine and user interface. The Video Ticket Office combines self-service with real-time video assistance and as such had to combine a user experience which blended conversation, information and screen interaction.

Through the VTO all regular ticketing transactions are possible and it can scan vouchers, identification and offer all payment types. As the conversation builds with the ticket agent the screen displays information referencing the decisions that have been made.

We made sure that even the more subtle aspects of a one-to-one conversation were considered in the design, from the screen position, the operator eye level and depth of field of the video image. There is even the functionality that allows the agent to share relevant route maps and timetables.

The physical aspect of the design needed to feel fresh and optimistic with a control layout that was easy to navigate. The cabinet design is vandal proof, designed for outdoor and indoor use and meets with global inclusive design standards.

As part of Cubic’s Next City vision, we also created future ‘kiosk’, an intelligent screen solution for A to B travel which integrates all transportation systems and methods with intelligent route planning which even takes the weather forecast into account when making recommendations!