Ensuring digital consistency

Sometimes the beginning isn’t the best place to start.

We’d been working with Barclaycard since 2010 on new payment technologies and products, during which time it became increasingly clear that design guidelines were needed to bring all their digital experiences together, from fun brand stuff to secure online banking.

It is something of a battlecry at Seymourpowell to ‘start at the end’ by creating a vision; standing in the future and only then looking back towards the present to figure out where to start, or to work out

how to do it. This, to a more logical mind, might seem like an inverted approach but, to us, it’s a foundation for creativity...thinking about what you could do rather than what you should do! 

It with these Design Guidelines that we created compelling
assets first and then pinned the principles down from there, translating Barclaycard’s brand personality into specific qualities that would
underpin design.

Sketches and paper prototypes helped stakeholders choose a direction

Designs which we tested across different touchpoints. With clear feedback in mind, we developed an online microsite for Barclaycard that’s less of a style guide and more of an interactive kit — with assets, tools and instructions included.

Clear, comprehensive and easy to apply, our microsite guide has been the starting point for all apps, websites and digital interfaces Barclaycard has launched over the last 12 months.

Starting at the end helped us find an answer that not only worked creatively, but also gave Barclaycard a practical advantage, as you don’t have to be a designer to use it.