advancing back care

Over 80% of us will suffer from a bad back at some point, often with no real idea what to do when it happens. It’s a £1.6 billion a year problem, with serious knock-on effects including missed work
days or mental stress.

Working with Harley Street’s Spine Clinic, brand consultancy Ziggurat Brands, and former Marketing Director for SSL International and Reckitt Benckiser Mark Critchley, we decided to bring some fresh thinking to
the issue.

Many back treatments out there didn’t work very well, or were so awkward-looking that people felt uncomfortable using them. We
realized we had to demystify back pain, whilst making treatment
more approachable and effective at the same time.

The result was bac<, a brand dedicated
to advancing Back Care. 

The bac< system divides the back into five zones, with specific treatments for each one. Abandoning an orthopaedic look for a more high-end sports identity, we created a range of quality-assured medical products which people feel good about wearing. There’s also an online tool, which helps you work out where the problem is, and which product will help.

Our first products went on sale in Boots, with more to follow soon.
They include the first back brace with hot-and-cold pads on the inside,
a sacroiliac belt, a new type of self-lubricating massager, which has a patent pending — and a shoulder brace, which won the 2014 D&AD In Book award for Consumer Product Design.