designing a fashion icon

Things were going well for our client Casio. They were enjoying great success with G-Shock, a rugged sports watch that was starting to take off as a fashion accessory for men. Could they create a similar bestseller for women? They asked us to look at the possibilities. 

Our researchers observed youth fashion trends across the London bar and club scene, and later, in other cities — where music, clothing and urban sports like skate boarding were coming together in a look called 

Grunge. We noticed girls dressing tougher, with camo trousers, big boots and… chunky G-Shock watches. The idea for a smaller, women’s G-Shock was born. 

Working with Casio, we widened the research. It showed us a growing connection between young women and, not only urban sports, but surfing — which was just then going through something of a rebirth.

This inspired our design team to explore translucent materials, creating what would become the Baby-G’s signature look. At the same time, Casio’s engineers took on the challenge of scaling down the original without losing any waterproofing or shock resistance. 

G-Shock’s ‘tough little sister’ was an instant hit. 

Its fashion credentials were a major factor in its success, as Casio could bring in cool new updates every season, while building a power brand around style-meets-performance.

Over a decade later, Baby-G is still making a statement on the wrists of the urban in-crowd.