a new twist on a classic tale

The existing 2005 'Neutron' design Axe, or Lynx, aerosol can had been very successful; a three-dimensional brand manifestation that had sold strongly for seven years.

But the Axe customer’s world had changed; the explosion in social media, the arrival of smartphones, changes in fashion and a ground
shift in attitudes to all things design had worn away Neutron’s edge. 
It was time for something new.

We spent a lot of time with Axe customers — we call it cool-hunting —
to find out what inspired them. Conclusion? The new design had to
break new ground, with a strong, sophisticated-but-youthful identity,
as well as being appealing, intuitive and uncomplicated to use.  

And, of course, on top of all that, it had to run down existing high-volume production lines, use existing can-forming machines, be more sustainable and hit the target price.

We managed to bring Icon2 to market without compromise, overcoming huge challenges on the way. 

Icon2 sets new standards in shaping technology, with an ingenious round-to-square design that flows seamlessly into the actuator top. The result is a singular form which is pure, simple and confident, and provides a broad canvas for brand graphics. 

 When not in use, the button is flush, the action safely locked. Twisting the top initiates a ‘mechanical ballet’ which lifts the button up, revealing
a flash of variant-specific colour — and inclines it backwards into the
ready-to-use position. Practical and intriguing, this mechanism

captures the fascination, delight, playfulness and emotional engagement at the very heart of the Axe brand.

The new design sets Axe up for the future with a refined, high-end brand statement, precise and robust, with the reassuring solidity you’d expect from a more premium product.