about seymourpowell

Seymourpowell is one of the world’s leading Design & Innovation Consultancies. Our track record of imagining and then creating world-first innovation solutions stretches over 30 years, from the first cordless kettle and pocket mobile phone, to 21st Century solutions in sustainable transportation, e-payment and water filtration. Regardless of the fact that many of our solutions harness the most advanced technologies, we always start from the same place: with people. Anthropology comes before technology. 

We don’t stop at just finding solutions to problems, we aim to create delight and emotional engagement in the user, so your brand’s ethos builds every time they use the product or service. We’re structured to integrate with your existing consumer research, design, engineering, supply chain and marketing teams, so we become a powerful part of your Innovation programs. We fundamentally believe that design and innovation are about making life better for people, whilst making it better for business and the environment in which we live.